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Investing is personal, which is why it will always be important to us to keep humans in the picture when it comes to managing your money. But it’s as important to us to create access, to deliver strong returns and to help educate you throughout the investment journey you take with us. So like any explorer about to embark on a quest for greatness, and in your case to help you summit the peaks of your financial goals, we’ve mapped out routes based on solid science and summoned a team of experts to encourage and help you trailblaze your way to the top – no matter the climate.


No one gets to base camp without doing their homework and a few trial treks first.

This is one of the reasons we’ve adopted a data-driven, algorithmic approach to investing that does not rely on human judgment and can be objectively tested and affirmed using historical data. It also allows us to bypass the expensive traditional model that requires teams of specialists on the ground to analyze and evaluate individual companies. This coupled with strategies that combine low-cost index-tracking ETFs and a proprietary active asset management process that is driven by algorithmic analysis of the market, makes your ascent more affordable, and precisely measured. This approach isn’t just applicable to South African markets. It is a universal approach that covers markets in the US, UK, Europe, Asia and elsewhere.


We are the proud sponsor of the Otter African Trial Run – the number 1 trail run in the country. The event takes place annually in the scenic Garden Route.




What’s your risk number?

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Deciding on the right investment portfolio is a complex task and with a good number of variables to consider, many feel that its beyond their capabilities to make a decision without the help of an investment advisor. Unfortunately, in many instances advisers are ill equipped to cater to the varying demands of the South African population and as a result investment advice remains limited to a small portion of our people.

We have considered this and designed and partnered solutions, products and investment processes that recognise these failings. Allowing us to deliver on a flavour of investment that works, just for you.

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