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MrPHY Robo Advisor


What is Robo-Advice?

Investment management robo-advice is considered a breakthrough in formerly exclusive wealth management services, bringing guidance to a broader audience at a lower cost compared to traditional human advice.

Robo-advisors typically allocate a client's assets on the basis of risk preferences and desired target return. While robo-advisors have the capability of allocating client assets in many investment products such as stocks, bonds, futures, commodities and real estate, the funds are often directed towards Exchange Traded Fund portfolios.

Robo also allows you to choose investments with passive asset allocation techniques or active asset management styles.


Why choose MrPHY, the Emperor Robo Advisor?

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Convenient and easy

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Lowest pricing

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Intuitive and transparent

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Secure platform

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Performance through technology

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Personal approach


Arrive at base camp with your Risk Number


Before you embark on the adventure that is momentum investing, or perhaps a style that uses a combo of a few of our building blocks, you’ll want to understand which risk range you fall into based on your goals and how much time you have to summit your financial peaks. Work this out with our Riskalyse tool in a just a few minutes.


MrPHY Robo Advisor

We’ll create customised investment plans that help you turn your personal dreams into achievable realities.

For You

Buy Your House

Your Age 27
Risk Tolerance Low
Initial Investment
R20 000
Monthly Contribution
Investment Period
8 yrs

We expect your investment to grow over 8 years to an amount between

R80 000 Conservative
R110 000 Ideal
For Your Family

Save For Education

Your Age 30
Risk Tolerance High
Initial Investment
R10 000
Monthly Contribution
Investment Period
10 yrs

We expect your investment to grow over 10 years to an amount between

R95 000 Conservative
R160 000 Ideal
For Your Lifestyle

Island Holiday

Your Age 42
Risk Tolerance Moderate
Initial Investment
R4 000
Monthly Contribution
Investment Period
1 yr

We expect your investment to grow over 1 year to an amount between

R40 000 Conservative
R60 000 Ideal

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1% Percent of Assets Under Management

How is this fee made up?

  • Annual advice fee of 0.25%
  • Average investment fund costs of 0.5% per annum, paid to fund providers
  • Average cost of the underlying fees of the investment funds (TER) of 0.1% per annum

How we work

Set your goals.png

Set your goals

Tell us about your goals. Whether they are to build an investment portfolio, put money away for your child’s education or just save for an exciting splurge.
Tell us about you

Tell us about you

To help us recommend targets that suit your financial lifestyle, tell us who you are and what your investment goals are. You can also add your current savings.
Calculate Risk Number

Calculate your Risk Number

Complete a short questionnaire that covers topics such as portfolio size and what you’re willing to risk for potential gains. We’ll pinpoint your exact Risk Number.
Achieve your goals

Achieve your Goals

We will review your progress toward your financial goals by building an investment plan. You’ll fully understand what you can do to increase the probability of success.
MrPHY Robo Advisor